Chop your garlic, ginger, radishes, hot peppers... The Easy Way!

Hello and welcome to the online home of The Garlic ChopTM by Koopeh Designs - Kitchen products that help you peel your garlic and chop, crush, mince and shred your garlic, gingner, carrots, radishes and more! Easily mince your cloves to produce delicious chopped up garlic to use in all your garlic recipes. Are you a garlic lover that wants a better way to easily chop and crush garlic without getting your hands dirty? Well, you've come to the right place!

How The Garlic ChopTM Works


The Garlic Chop in its natural habitat - the kitchen


**NEW** The Garlic PeelTMVersion2.0 now in!!!

This wonderful peeler uses an 'in one end, out the other' method for peeling your garlic.

Our new patented and copyrighted Tube AND Flap double-friction technology gives that stubborn garlic clove a double-action peeling affec

The tube portion has been re-designed and quarter panels were created on the top to help the product collapse.

Not only does the tube peel the clove, when the clove gets pushed out the other end it further helps to remove the skin upon exit!


How The Garlic PeelTM Works (Version 2.0)



What is the new Garlic ChopTM?

In case you haven't come across the new Garlic ChopTMin a fine kitchen or cookware store near you, it's the kind of garlic gadget that James Bond would have in his kitchen, because The Garlic ChopTMlets you chop up your garlic in no time at all, with no mess, no wasted garlic, and no hard to clean parts.

Simply the best way to chop and crush garlic!

The Garlic ChopTMis just like a hand held food processor, but made especially for cloves of garlic - up to four garlic cloves at a time depending on their size! And the Garlic ChopTMuses just your hands to power it - simply twist the two halves of the Garlic ChopTMback and forth a few times and voila! Perfectly chopped garlic! Easy to use, easy to clean, and now it's easy to buy a Garlic ChopTM for the garlic lover in your life - just click here to chop garlic the easy way!

You're probably wondering by now how on earth the Garlic ChopTM works! You've seen all manner of tools for cutting and chopping garlic, and you want some convincing that The Garlic ChopTM is the best thing to arrive in the kitchen since sliced.... garlic!

Well, they say a picture is worth a thousand words, and if that's true a video must be worth a million! On our how The Garlic ChopTM works page you can find a short video with sound showing you just how easy it is to use and clean The Garlic ChopTM. Beneath the video we'll tell you a few more reasons why you'll wonder how you ever chopped garlic without The Garlic ChopTM- but if you've heard enough and want to get your hands on a Garlic ChopTM in time for the holiday season, just click on the "Buy one now!" button below!

The Garlic ChopTMin its natural habitat - the kitchen!


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