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The Garlic Chop, chops your garlic, ginger, radishes and more….

Ordered, thanks again, I also copied a link to your webpage on my FB and touted your product. I don’t have many “gadgets” as I am a very hands on cook, but I love your product.  Have a great day.  Wendy B. – April 19, 2015

Chop Your Garlic, Ginger, Radishes, Hot Peppers… The Easy Way!

Easily mince your cloves in The Garlic ChopTM to produce delicious chopped up garlic to use in all your garlic recipes.Are you a garlic lover that wants a better way to easily chop and crush garlic without getting your hands dirty? Well, you’ve come to the right place!  In case you haven’t come across The Garlic ChopTM in a fine kitchen or cookware store near you… it’s the kind of garlic gadget that James Bond would have in his kitchen.

The Garlic ChopTM lets you chop up your garlic in no time at all, with no mess, no wasted garlic, and no hard to clean parts.

Simply the best way to chop and crush garlic and small veggies!

The Garlic ChopTM is just like a hand held food processor, but made especially for cloves of garlic – up to four garlic cloves at a time depending on their size! And the Garlic ChopTM uses just your hands to power it – simply twist the two halves of the Garlic ChopTM back and forth a few times and voila! Perfectly chopped garlic! Easy to use, easy to clean, and now it’s easy to buy a Garlic ChopTM for the garlic lover in your life.


I have previously ordered 2 garlic chops from you and I LOVE the product!! Yasmeen K. – Nov. 7, 2013

Watch the Video on How The Garlic Chop Works.  You’ve seen all manner of tools for cutting and chopping garlic, and you want some convincing that The Garlic ChopTM is the best thing to arrive in the kitchen since sliced…. garlic!




  • The more you turn, the finer the veggies become – course chop or fine chop.
  • Chops garlic, ginger, baby carrots, radishes and even hot peppers!
  • Push the patented riser plate up and watch the garlic rise to the surface.
  • Remove rising plate and simply rinse clean.
  • Dishwasher friendly!

As seen on TV – The Marylin Denis Show


It came in the mail today.  I minced some garlic even though I didn’t need to. So awesome…  Just so you know, I found your product when I Bing searched “Garlic mincer that doesn’t suck.”  Very glad I did. Just threw away every other mincer I have tried. Thanks!  Daniel C. – Feb. 11, 2014

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White Garlic Chop is sold out.  Only green available!

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After doing so many tradefairs we realized that some people also struggle with Peeling Garlic. In one end, out the other. The concept was to make it look like, well.... a garlic bulb.
After doing so many tradefairs we realized that some people also struggle with Peeling Garlic. In one end, out the other. The concept was to make it look like, well…. a garlic bulb.

The tube peels the clove & when the clove gets pushed out the other end the flaps help further to remove the skin upon exit!

I received my garlic peel today and it works great! Thanks so much for sending it out. I love it!!! You guys make great products. I will be sure to tell my friends how great your products are and about the great customer service you give. Thanks, Jessica Z. – July 20, 2014


Peel Your Garlic The Easy Way

In one end, Out the other… peeled in seconds!  Double the friction, twice as fast.  Using our newly patented and copyrighted Tube AND Flap double-friction technology will give that stubborn garlic clove a double-action peeling affect.



  • Patented & Copyrighted double action Tube & Flap friction for extra peeling
  • Roll back/forward between hands or on table top
  • In one end, out the other…. peeled!
  • Rinse to clean



I like How easy it is to wash!  The bright green color and ribbed texture also make it stand out in my drawer, Mapeline F. – March 2016 – AllRecipes Magazine

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The most popular products on the Internet for a fraction of the cost! Chop and Peel your garlic…

Garlic Lover’s Combo Set Special:

Garlic Chop + Garlic Peeler


Hi Folks,  I love the looks of your two products.  I ordered one set. googled “how to chop garlic“. I take two cloves a day.  I cut them laboriously with a knife   I needed something faster for both peeling and smashing to a pulp.   Haha. There you were.  Good luck with your business.  MaryKay C. – July 13, 2015

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How do you cut up garlic?

There are many ways to chop up garlic. Some people like their knives, but if you aren’t familiar or comfortable with this it could hurt – ouch. Other popular ways include a garlic press, garlic grater & of course a Garlic Chop.

What is the easiest way to open a garlic clove?

The easiest way to do this is to insert your thumbs into the top of the garlic bulb and prior it open. If this isn’t easy for you then try to use a spoon to split the bulb apart in the same way, place the spoon into the clove and pry it open to break it apart.

Does garlic go bad?

Garlic is harvested around July/August. It will usually last until around January but if you don’t store it properly it will start to go brown around December-ish. The best way to store garlic is to hang it (as a braid of bulbs) in an area with no sun, cool and plenty of ventilation…. probably hang it off your kitchen door. This way, when you walk past it the breeze will keep it vented. Garlic does not need to go in the fridge.

How do you peel garlic in 7 seconds?

Separate the cloves & cut the flat/root end off with a knife. This will help to remove the skin. Next, place the clove into a rubber/silicone tube or GarlicPeel, apply pressure to the tube and slide back/forth between your palms. This pressure & movement will create friction, grab the skin and remove it. Alternatively, some people use a knife and smash the clove to loosen the skin… up to you!