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Garlic Facts, Health Tips & News

Going into the archives here…  There are a lot of interesting garlic facts to learn.  Places we’ve been that the good ‘ol garlic bulb has taken us.  Health Benefits of Garlic, show tips……

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20 Delicious Garlic Recipes

Garlic Recipe for Garlic Steak Spice

A perfectly marinated steak grilled on a BBQ is one of my favourite things in the world. Typically I like to use a charcoal BBQ for the extra flavour it brings out in the meat but gas will work also.

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Garlic Chop Facts

This section of the Garlic Chop website will give you a little bit more information about why the Garlic Chop is an essential item for your kitchen if you or someone you know is a garlic fan! If you’re wondering how the Garlic Chop works, you can view a short video by clicking here.

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