Garlic Facts, Health Tips & News

Going into the archives here…  There are a lot of interesting garlic facts to learn.  Places we’ve been that the good ‘ol garlic bulb has taken us.  Health Benefits of Garlic, show tips……
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20 Delicious Garlic Recipes

These are some really great recipes that you can learn from. So, get your mitts on and head into the kitchen. Browse through some of these and maybe with our help your dish will become the hit of the eavening:
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Garlic Chop Facts

This section of the Garlic Chop website will give you a little bit more information about why the Garlic Chop is an essential item for your kitchen if you or someone you know is a garlic fan! If you’re wondering how the Garlic Chop works, you can view a short video by clicking here.

Strong, garlic chopping teeth

The Garlic Chop’s interlocking teeth, made from superstrong polycarbonate plastic, will cut through garlic cloves with ease, but they are not sharp enough to cause any harm. Safe for you, not so safe for those garlic cloves!

Easy to use, even with wet hands

Wet hands? No problem! The Garlic Chop has neat ridges along its sides so you can grip it and twist it easily, making sure that you can quickly chop your garlic at short notice, even if your hands are moist.

Choose how finely you want your garlic chopped

Does your recipe call for a more finely minced garlic clove? A few more twists of the garlic chop than normal and voila! A finer chop of garlic! And you can keep twisting your Garlic Chop to get your garlic even finer.

No more wasted garlic!

Are you tired of leaving half your garlic behind in the garlic crusher, and then having to scrape it out after you’re done cooking? Well you’re in for a treat! The Garlic Chop’s rising bottom plate lets you push out every last bit of that lovely chopped garlic right into the pan. No fuss, no muss. And best of all, no mess. You don’t even need to get your hands dirty!

Oh so easy to clean

Cleaning the Garlic Chop after you have finished using it is a breeze. Just run your new favorite kitchen accessory under the tap for a few seconds! Don’t worry, the Garlic Chop is 100% dishwasher safe as well. Now THAT’S easy to clean!

And easy to store

When the fun is over and it is time to put your Garlic Chop to bed, cute little magnets on either side of each Garlic Chop half hold it together. They might be small, but they’re pretty darn strong, making sure that your Garlic Chop stays firmly together when you are storing it.

And it looks just great!

Need more convincing? You’re a tough nut eh! Well how’s this: The Garlic Chop, as well as chopping garlic, looks just like a bulb of garlic too, so you can store it with your garlic on the counter top. No need to keep THIS kitchen accessory in a drawer!

Buy one today

You’ve seen how The Garlic Chop works, and now you want to try it out for real! You’re in luck! The Garlic Chop is as easy to buy online as it is to use for chopping garlic. And one of the best things about The Garlic Chop is its price – just $10.00. Shipping is only $8.00! For $18 you could be chopping garlic the easy way too!

You can click on this link to get to the area of our website where you can buy your Garlic Chop today. When you press the “Buy it now” button, you will be taken to a secure page hosted by PayPal, so all your details are kept 100% safe and secure. You can pay by PayPal or with any major credit card, even if you don’t have a PayPal account.

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