Growing Garlic 2012 – Planting Nov9

So, we decided to write a blog on how to grow garlic.
This is where we start… planting season November 2012.

After selling our garlic products at 100s of agriculture fairs through out the years and speaking with dozens of farmers we decided to try to grow our own large garlic bulbs, YUMMI!!!

In this small 10′ x 20′ garden bed we are going to plant 130 cloves November 9, 2012 aiming for it to be ready early to mid July 2013. Southern Ontario, Canada region.

November 9, 2013
We used dolomite lime to help stabilize the soil and balance out the PH around 6.5 to 7.0
Garlic loves nitrogen, so add a nice amount and then add more during growth.
One farmer told us that cow manure is best to use because cows have several stomachs and this really helps to brake it down.

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In this mix we use Bat Guano Vegetative & Flowering althought the Veg. is likely more important because of the high (N)itrigen content. We also use cow manure and dolomite lime to balance the soil.

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