Growing Garlic 2013 – Growing April

So, here it is a few weeks after sprouting.

Nice.  At this point we remembered a farmer tellling us to give it Nitrogen as soon as it come out of the surface.

From here in, we added some organic liquid fertilizer but I don’t think it was enough although it did continue to grow well.


This Garlic is 2 to 3 weeks old. April 14th 2013.

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And then every week we started to give it more fertilizer high in Nitrogen.  You’ll notice after it rains a lot of vegetation gets really green and grows big.  That’s because rain water is not only negative ions, it also contains large amounts of Nitrogen and many other elements.  Rain water is also considered mild H2O2 aka, Hydrogen Peroxide… in other words it has plenty of oxygen in it and is healthy for days after.  We’ll see if we can later set up the rain barrels and collect some rain from the roof.


April 26th – Looking pretty good at week 4. Music variety. It almost grew over night after it rained really hard.



April 28, 2013 – This was a good picture, nice height.


April 30th – it’s getting bigger. I don’t know what’s going on under the ground but things are looking good so far.

For April the garlic seems to have grown about 8″ in height.

The most predominant strain of all was in fact the music variety.

The other varieties seem a little slower to take.



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